Night Air® 6650 6-Zone Number Bed - The Best Sleep Number® Bed Alternative to Sleep Number® p5

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Purchasing a new air number bed is an investment that will impact your life for countless years to come, affecting everything from your health to your relationships. It’s something you want and need to make sure is perfect for you and your partner. You may have heard about the Sleep Number® p5, but have you heard about the Night Air® 6650? The new Ultra 6650 6-Zone number bed from Night Air® uses state of the art technology and dynamic support options to deliver the best possible sleep experience available, night after night.


  • Night Air® uses a patented 6-Chamber design allowing you to adjust your head and feet separately from the lumbar area
  • Sleep Number®’s p5 only uses 2 air chambers, one on each side of the bed
  • Sleep Number®’s chambers allow them to be zipped together for less separation, but it may increase motion transfer across the center of the bed
  • A Night Air® 6650 has divided cores which sit firmly inside a one piece durable foam cavity to prevent separation or trenching
  • The Night Air® foam tray provides increased edge support and even makes set up simpler and more efficient

Night Air® beds use a patented 6-Chamber design, 3 on each side, to deliver targeted support for your body’s 3 primary zones, the head, legs and lumbar. Having 6 distinct chambers helps to properly align the spine, one of the best ways to alleviate achy, sore mornings and restless nights. With traditional 2-Chamber air number beds like Sleep Number®, targeting the lower back is more difficult. Night Air®’s air chambers also have the added benefit of being placed inside a sturdy, 2.2 lbs/cubic foot high-density foam tray that further reduces motion transfer and offers overall increased edge support while Sleep Number® uses an upside-down foam tray design, which can make access and assembly cumbersome and difficult.


  • The 6650 uses adjustable, high precision air pumps allowing you to adjust each side of the mattress to your preferred firmness levels in precise, single digit increments from 1 to 100 until you reach your individual desired Support Index® for EACH of the 3 chambers on either side of the bed.
  • With the p5 from Sleep Number®, the bed only allows for adjustments in increments of 5 (i.e. 60, 65, 70). Night Air® has a more precise Support Index - adjusting in increments of 1 from 1-100 (i.e. 61, 62, 63, 64, 65)
  • Night Air®’s whisper quiet air pumps with Intelligent Sleep Technology provide rapid inflation and deflation to alter its firmness levels
  • Each Night Air® hand control comes standard with a built in Memory button that returns the chambers back to a preferred firmness level at a moment’s notice, similar to Sleep Number®’s “Favorite” button
  • An auto-fill button, unique to Night Air®, allows the 6650 to completely fill all air chambers to 100 at the push of a button for a pristine look to your mattress during the day and avoids showing your “body silhouette” of the top surface of your mattress.

Finding the perfect comfort setting with Night Air® is easier than ever with the 0-100 adjustability of each air chamber, meaning you don’t have to settle for a feel that’s “good enough”. Once you find the ideal setting, both Night Air® and Sleep Number® allow you to lock it in with the push of a button, but the Sleep Number® p5 doesn’t have the added convenience of an auto-fill feature, like the 6650. Give your bed the same smooth, crisp look each and every morning with a single button. If you ever have to disconnect your hoses to move the bed or replace a component, hitting the auto-fill button will fill each chamber to maximum and lock in all the air thanks to the one-way check valve designed to prevent leaks or air from rushing out.


  • Each Night Air® bed uses an ultra-premium 2.2 (lbs) density per cubic foot foam for more durable long lasting support and firm, no sag edge support.
  • The Night Air® 6650 uses a ventilated comfort foam structure crafted carefully for maximum comfort, air flow and cooling
  • A 2” layer of advanced Tri-Zone Engineered Latex foam provides targeted, responsive comfort and full body support
  • At 2 total inches of comfort foam, Night Air® keeps your body comfortable while still maintaining the primary benefit of the air support chambers underneath
  • Unlike Sleep Number®, the Night Air® 6650 comfort layer is not glued to the foam tray. This allows more air flow and unique contouring support. You can also swap or upgrade the Night Air® foam comfort layer if needed. The glued foam in the Sleep Number® p5 cannot be replaced.
  • Night Air®’s foam layers are encased and protected by a machine washable anti-microbial Micro-Pure™ fabric sleeve that guards the foams and reduces friction between the layers of the mattress
  • Sleep Number® states their layers are simply “comfort layers”, giving no additional information about their quality, design or technology like Night Air®

At Night Air®, we’re transparent about what goes into our beds because we know that we’ve gone the extra mile to make sure that you sleep comfortably on a product that you can trust.  The 6650 uses 2” of contouring, responsive Tri-Zone Engineered Latex foam that targets your body in 3 zones to provide full body support and maximum comfort. The foam layers come wrapped in a machine washable micro-pure fabric sleeve that protects the foams, reduces friction and makes cleaning and maintenance as easy as possible. Sleep Number® hides their foam layers in a shroud of uncertainty, simply calling them “comfort layers”.


  • All Night Air® 6-Chamber air beds feature machine washable covers created using premium anti-microbial stretch knit fabric to prevent dust mites, germs and odors from accumulating.
  • Sleep Number® uses rubber air cores vs Night Air®’s TPU air cores with a Nylon covering, therefore there is no rubber smell with Night Air® beds.
  • TPU is very Eco-friendly compared to rubber air cores and can be sealed electronically.
  • Rubber air cores need to be glued together with rubber glue, which is a less reliable seaming method than Night Air®’s high technology electron sealing, which blends the TPU molecules together creating a permanent seal for less potential air leaks and increased longevity and mattress lifespan.

Nobody wants to spend their valuable time caring for an air bed, but Night Air® has simplified upkeep and mattress maintenance to make it easier than ever without additional effort. We spend so much time in our beds that it’s crucial to be able to remove the mattress cover and throw it in the wash for a clean, soft, hygienic sleep surface every night. Night Air®’s advanced TPU air core engineering was designed to be stronger and more durable than rubber cores, but aren’t manufactured using harsh chemicals that may leave a smell or odor that lingers forever.

Night Air® is with you every step of the way, before purchase, during the purchase and any follow up service, warranties, or questions. If you’re not fully convinced that Night Air® is right for you, give one of our Sleep Specialists a call at 800-289-2693 to discuss the Ultra 6650 or any other models you may be interested in learning more about and discover what it means to become one of the thousands of Night Air® customers sleeping better every single night.