12" 2-Chamber Closeout Bed

This two chamber air bed features 3" of memory and comfort foam for lasting contouring support. Adjust each side to your preferred comfort level. Includes FREE mattress pad.

  • 12" Total Mattress Height
  • Traditional Quilted Cover
  • 3" Memory and Comfort Foam
  • Available in Queen Size
$1,999.00 $999.00
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This 12" two-chamber closeout air bed provides you with individual support on each side of the bed. 2" of comfort foam adds to the cushioning support.

  • Dual Air Chamber Technology Ensures Personalized Comfort for Each Side of the Bed
  • Patented Tri-Zone Quilted Pillowtop Cover
  • Removable/Dry Cleanable Cover Provides a Hygienic Sleep Surface
  • Includes FREE Mattress Pad - a $35 Value
  • 1.5" Temperature Sensitive Contouring Memory Foam
  • 1.5" High Density Comfort Foam
  • Heavy Duty TPU Air Cores Provide More Durable and Flexible Support Than Rubber Air Cores with No 'Rubber' Odor
  • Certified Eco-Friendly Foam Manufacturing
  • High Density Foam Perimeter Support Tray Prevents Edge Sag
  • Two Wired Digital LCD Hand Controls Come Standard and Allow For Individual Adjustment
  • Adjust Each Air Chamber from 1 to 100 in Single Digit Increments
  • 12" Total Mattress Height
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Closeout Beds Are Non-Returnable
Total heights may vary slightly due to the level of firmness of the air core and the decompression of the foam tray. Please allow between 24-48 hrs. for the foam to fully recover after decompression.

Complete Your Sleep System

Your Night Air® Number Bed becomes so much more versatile when you add an adjustable base. You will not only get a more comfortable night's sleep, but will find it easier to read, watch TV, surf the internet and more. Users of adjustable bases report relief from back and neck problems, acid reflux, as well as improved breathing, reduced snoring and better circulation.

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