Power Base 2

Power Base 2

Your Boyd Night Air® bed becomes so much more versatile when you add an adjustable Power Base. Gently raise and lower your head and feet with the easy to use wired hand control.

  • Fits inside a traditional bed frame
  • Wired hand control
  • Eliminates the need for a traditional foundation
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When you relax in your new Boyd Night Air® air bed and an Adjustable Power Base 2, be prepared to position yourself for total comfort. Dramatically improve the quality of your sleep by settling into your perfect sleep position and take all the stress and pressure off your joints and muscles. The easy to use hand control allows you to elevate your head and/or feet into the most comfortable position for whatever you are doing…watching TV, reading, working on your laptop, eating breakfast in bed, having a midnight snack, sleeping, or simply relaxing.

Each Twin XL Power Base includes a pairing cable. If your prefer, you can link two Twin XL Adjustable Power Bases together for single operation to create one king size adjustable bed.

  • Full Range of Relaxing Head and Foot Positions
  • Greatly Increase Comfort, Improve Relaxation, Help Breathing and Relieve Stress on Your Lower Back
  • Ergonomic Easy to Use Wired Hand Controls
  • One Touch of a Button Returns Bed to Flat Position
  • Sturdy Steel Frame
  • Exclusive Armor Shield Plating Prevents Rusting
  • Two Quiet, Powerful, Maintenance Free Motors
  • Locking Castors
  • 15" Base Is Compatible with Conventional Bedding
  • Fits Inside a Traditional Bed Frame
  • 20 Year Limited Warranty

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