Power Base 9

Power Base 9

Our most feature rich adjustable base can dramatically improve the quality of your sleep. The wireless remote puts you in control of multiple rest and sleep positions, as well as relaxing massage, while a Bluetooth enabled speaker pairs to your devices. Remove the legs and use on a platform or storage bed.

  • Wireless hand control
  • One touch memory button
  • Auto zero gravity setting
  • Adjustable lumbar bar
  • Independent head tilt
  • Bluetooth enabled speaker
  • Soothing massage and timer
  • Remove legs for use on platform or storage beds
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Experience the best, most pampered night's sleep ever on this incredibly feature rich adjustable Power Base. Dramatically improve the quality of your sleep by settling into the zero gravity position, which takes all the stress and pressure off your joints and muscles or enjoy a soothing full body massage at the end of a stressful day. Use the wireless hand control to elevate your head and/or feet into the most comfortable position for whatever you are doing or take advantage of the one touch preset positions. Use the independent head tilt feature for better support while you read, work or watch T.V. A separate adjustable lumbar bar allows you to increase or decrease pressure for soothing, healthy back support. The adjustable Power Base 9 fits easily in most bed frames, but also has removable legs to allow you to place on the existing support system of your platform or storage bed. Why sacrifice the convenience of under bed storage for adjustable comfort and support. Turn your bedroom into the sanctuary you always dreamed it could be.

Each Twin XL Power Base includes a pairing cable. If your prefer, you can link two Twin XL Adjustable Power Bases together for single operation to create one king size adjustable bed.

  • Full Range of Relaxing Head and Foot Positions, With Multiple Preset Positions
  • Greatly Increase Comfort, Improve Relaxation, Help Breathing and Relieve Lower Back Pain
  • Independent 90-Degree Head Tilt Support Adds Comfort When Bed is Fully Upright
  • Adjustable Lumbar Support Bar Provides Even More Adjustability for 'Just-Right' Comfort
  • Ergonomic Easy to Use Wireless Hand Controls
  • Back-Lit Buttons for Better Visibility in Low Light
  • One Touch of a Button Returns Bed to Flat Position
  • Memory Button Conveniently Stores Your Favorite Setting
  • One Touch Zero Gravity Button Allows You to Enjoy Pressure Free, Ergonomic Comfort
  • Anti-Snore Preset Button Slightly Raises Head of the Bed to Open Airways, Improve Breathing and Reduce Snoring
  • Wall Hugging Design Lifts the Base While Simultaneously Gliding Back, Which Keeps Your Nightstand Close
  • Separate Head, Foot and Full Body Massage Options with Auto Shut Off Timer
  • Under Bed Lighting Makes Getting In and Out of Bed in a Dark Room Easier
  • Bluetooth Wireless Speaker in Base
  • Sturdy Steel Frame With Attractive Neutral Gray Linen Look Upholstery Fits Any Decor
  • Removable Legs Allows for Zero Clearance Option
  • Base Can Be Placed On Platform or Storage Beds Without Interference
  • Two Quiet, Powerful, Maintenance Free Motors
  • 15" Base Height (with Legs Attached) Is Compatible with Conventional Bedding
  • 20 Year Limited Warranty

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