Anatomy of The Perfect Bed

See if this sounds familiar to you: You’re away from home, whether for business or pleasure, and you’re staying in a hotel room that’s beautifully decorated. The room’s appointments are lovely in every way, but it’s the bed that is...
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How to Purchase a Mattress

Going mattress shopping can be an intimidating experience. Part of that may be due to the way that you’ve been treated in mattress stores before – mattress sales people have earned an unfortunate reputation for being overly enthusiastic and aggressive,...
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Have an Aching Back? Find a Better Mattress!

It’s been estimated that at any given moment there are 31 million Americans suffering from back pain. About half of working adults in the United States say that they have had some kind of back pain during the year, and...
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Sleep – The Elusive Essential

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have called sleep deprivation a health epidemic, and there are countless articles written by experts decrying the national tendency to place work, social life, and even video games and movie-watching ahead of sleep...
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