Sleep Disorders

How Sleep Habits Effect Antidepressants

Those in the medical field, as well as anybody who has ever been prescribed an antidepressant, are well aware that finding the medication that is going to...
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New Study Reveals Surprising Teen Sleep Deprivation Cause

There has been a great deal of attention paid recently to the issue of teen sleep deprivation. The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued a statement urging...
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Counting the Dangers of Sleep Deprivation

Let this be a wake-up call for those who doubt the doctors who keep telling us that we really need to get seven to nine hours of...
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Sleep Science Raises Awareness of Exploding Head Syndrome

Sleep scientists from Washington State University are calling attention to a rare and little-understood sleep disorder with a particularly frightening name. Exploding head syndrome sounds a lot...
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Light Therapy for Sleep Disorders

One of the most exciting and promising areas of sleep research has centered on the use of bright light in treating specific conditions. Light has been successfully...
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Incidence of Serious Sleep Disorder is On The Rise In Children

According to researchers at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, the incidence of obstructive sleep apnea, a serious sleep disorder that can lead to chronic health conditions,...
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