Sleep Technology

App Reveals World’s Sleep Habits

The use of various fitness and sleep apps continues to grow more popular around the world, and there is no end in sight. From downloads on our...
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Sleep App Company Introducing Smart Light Bulb

Misfit has made a name for itself by producing wearables that track a variety of health data and providing consumers with more information than they could ever...
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New Sleep Monitoring Device Arrives on Kickstarter

Seems like every couple of weeks there’s a new sleep technology being introduced on the Kickstarter site, and this week it’s a wearable that looks different and...
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Westin Hotel Takes Sleep to the Next Level

The Westin Hotel chain has long been known for its Heavenly Bed, a trademarked bit of branding that long preceded the present sleep-conscious trend. To mark the...
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Gaming Company Entering Consumer Sleep Monitoring

Nintendo, the company whose name is synonymous with video games and entertainment, has announced that they are working on a new fatigue and sleep deprivation sensor as...
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How to Use the Data Your Sleep Tracker Provides

There are so many fitness trackers on the market today that provide consumers with data on their sleep activity, but not many of them go the extra...
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