Sleep Technology

Jawbone Sleep Data Reveals Difference in Cities’ Sleep Habits

Jawbone, manufacturer of a popular wireless speakers headsets and other consumer technology, has recently broken into the wearable device field, including a popular fitness tracker called “UP”...
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Sleep Trackers Raising Sleep Awareness

Sleep scientists and physicians have been urging the public to get more sleep, and bemoaning the lack of priority that this important function earns in our daily...
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Sleep Technology Continues to Appeal

It was news when a sleep-tracking kit called Sense raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter within thirty days of being listed on the crowdfunding platform, but now that...
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Study shows that CPAP Compliance is Linked to Regular Bedtime

Researchers from Penn State University School of Nursing have recently completed a study that provides helpful information for physicians hoping to help patients with adherence to the...
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