Sleep Medication

Do Over-The-Counter Sleep Aids Really Work?

If you’ve found yourself struggling to fall asleep over the last few days, then you’re probably getting really frustrated. There’s nothing quite like the sensation of struggling...
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The Sleeping Pill Decision

For the millions of people who struggle every night with insomnia, the question of whether or not to seek help from prescription sleep aids is a big...
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Sleep Aids and Other Medications Increase Alzheimer’s Risk

Many people who struggle with getting a good night’s sleep often turn to a variety of old-fashioned remedies and over-the-counter medications for help, before eventually asking their...
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Understanding Your Sleep Medication Options

With sleep deprivation at epidemic levels in the United States, people are searching for ways to get the rest that they need. Though most sleep specialists believe...
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Sleep Doctor Identifies Failures in Sleep Medications

When people are having a hard enough time falling asleep that they seek medical help, they are usually looking for an easy answer, and all too often...
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Sleep and its Role in Fighting Cancer

The popular novel (and now movie) “the Fault in our Stars” makes use of the phrase “Sleep fights cancer” frequently as the young heroine and her boyfriend...
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