Sleep Apnea

Study Reveals Large Percentage of Insomniacs Have Undetected Sleep Apnea

A newly-released study out of the Sleep and Human Health Institute and Maimonides Sleep Arts & Sciences, Ltd has determined that among a group of 1,210 patients...
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Sleep Apnea and the Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death

It has long been known that obstructive sleep apnea is associated an increased risk in heart conditions. The sleep disorder contributes to high blood pressure, atrial fibrillation...
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New Guidelines Approve Portable Monitor Use

As more and more physicians and patients are becoming aware of the existence and dangers of obstructive sleep apnea, the number of sleep studies being ordered is...
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Link Found Between Sleep Apnea and Hearing Loss

A new study conducted by Dr. Amit Chopra, M.D. of the Albany Medical Center in New York has revealed a possible link between suffering from sleep apnea...
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Veterans’ Sleep Apnea Claims Cost $1 Billion Per Year

Americans are becoming increasingly aware of the need for sleep, and what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have referred to as the “epidemic of sleep...
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