Project Sleep Introduces New Infographic

Project Sleep is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the mission of raising awareness about the importance of sleep and the risks of sleep disorders. The group accomplishes their goal through a number of public campaigns aimed at education and empowerment, and hopes to earn sleep the recognition that it deserves as one of the integral pillars of human health alongside exercise and good nutrition. Campaigns that the group sponsors run the gamut from events regarding narcolepsy to Sleep Walks that are held all over the country to bring people in the community together to celebrate the importance of sleep. The group also has created an informative website that is a valuable resource for understanding sleep health, getting information on a variety of sleep disorders, and informing people about where they can go for additional help regarding sleep.  In addition, the group has prepared a number of extremely helpful infographics that are available for download directly from their website. Their most recent effort is their colorful “Rise and Shine” poster that enumerates the many benefits of getting sleep. Appropriate for locations ranging from physician’s offices and classrooms to private homes and sleep clinics, it is designed to be a valuable tool that highlights a number of little-known facts about the important contributions that sleep makes in our daily lives. Included in the information provided are. Athletic performance: The Rise and Shine Infographic cites the fact that almost all of the hormones that provide us with high level athletic performance are released during a good night of sleep. Beauty sleep: Though people often refer to getting their beauty sleep as a sort of joke, the poster provides surprising information about the many ways that getting quality and quantity sleep actually do improve the way that we look. Included is information on fighting acne and statistics about the way that sleep deprivation affects the way that we look and the impressions that we give to those who are meeting us for the very first time. Boosting immunity: Just in time for flu season, the infographic provides facts on how cheating yourself of the correct amount of sleep can actually increase your risk of catching the flu. In addition to appealing to self-interest about our health and our appearance, the poster also provides valuable charts that help spread the word about what the optimal amount of sleep is for age groups ranging from grade school children to teens, to adults, and serves as a powerful argument in favor of having high school starting times begin later due to teens’ need for more sleep than any age group other than infants. It also provides a warning about the impact of losing sleep each night, as well as what happens to the body when you pull an all-nighter or lose incremental amounts of sleep over the course of a week. The infographic is available as a free download on the project sleep website.