Mattress Replacement Guide.... When is the right time to replace it?

What do marital problems, depression, aging skin, and weight gain all have in common? They're associated with a lack of sleep according to The Better Sleep Council. Getting your Z’s is as important as eating right and exercising, but health-conscious people rarely consider the role their mattress plays in the productivity and happiness of their waking hours. Choosing the right mattress can literally change a person’s life. Offering new mattress options to a health-conscious public is the motivating force behind, a company dedicated to offering specialty sleep products that adjust to each individual’s body and lifestyle. Beds with adjustable firmness that can satisfy every sleeper’s unique needs are a solid choice for those who know they need to make a change for the better. As we already know, everything from intimate relationships to how quickly a person ages can be affected negatively by sleeping on the wrong type of bed. Few people get the support they need from their mattress. Too much or too little pressure on one area of the body can elicit pain or excessive movement throughout the night. Chronic pain or a lack of quality sleep can lead to a variety of health issues which is why many consumers today seek out foam beds or mattresses that can be adjusted to provide optimal support tailored to their body’s specific needs. As experts have begun to recognize the impact of insufficient sleep on health and relationships, a number of products have been developed to address problems caused by traditional coil mattresses. A high-tech air mattress such as the Ultra 660 six chamber air beds, for example, can be adjusted to individualized levels of support needed by each individual. Not only does this mattress allow the overall support to be adjusted precisely to an individual’s needs, but the head, feet, and lumbar areas of the body can all be calibrated to personal tastes as well. Any mattress that is uncomfortable or more than 10 years old should be replaced according to experts at The Better Sleep Council. Old or ill-fitting beds can contribute to restless sleep. The average person already repositions at least 40 to 60 times in a typical night. People sleeping on aging or inadequate mattresses move even more. Those who sleep with a partner may lose sleep if their mate is restless and uncomfortable. When choosing a new mattress, consumers are advised to carefully consider the size of the bed as well as the support it provides. The goal should always be to purchase a product that will minimize distractions and discomfort throughout the night. Americans are more concerned today about how sleep affects their day-to-day life, and as a result, the current trend is toward the purchase of mattresses with adjustable firmness and flexibility to meet each individuals’ comfort needs. Consumers are urged to purchase the best mattress they can afford in order to reap the health benefits of a sound night of sleep. Choosing the right mattress, after all, can change the course of a person’s life. The average person spends 7 to 8 hours, or approximately one-third of their lives in bed each night. As such, purchasing a high-end bed that will provide personalized support is a worthy investment indeed.