Sleep Studies

Link Between Sleep Duration and Depression

The importance of sleep cannot be underemphasized. Getting insufficient quality or quantity sleep has been linked to a wide range of health problems, ranging from increased risk...
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How To Sleep With A Snorer

According to a recently-conducted survey one third of adults say that their sleep problems are directly connected to their spouse keeping them awake or waking them up,...
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New Study Shows Downside of Shift Work, Late Hours

People who study sleep and circadian rhythms have long suggested that there is real importance in maintaining a regular schedule that roughly follows the same schedule as...
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Understanding the Advantage of Sleep

Readers of The Bourne series may remember that in the 1990 thriller, The Bourne Ultimatum, Jason Bourne was known to repeat the phrase, “Rest is a weapon...
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Full Moon, Half Sleep

This summer was hailed for the high number of super moons that were viewed from Earth – these coincidences of the Earth being close to the Moon...
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The Learning Process and Sleep

Though sleep scientists have long ago disproved the notion that we can learn in our sleep, that by no means that the learning process comes to a...
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