Will an Adjustable Bed Really Change Your Life?

Will an Adjustable Bed Really Change Your Life?
photos of adjustable air bedOur bed is the most important piece of furniture we own, and a good night’s sleep is a driving factor in making your day as incredible as you know it can be. So why do we fall back on the same old frame and mattress instead of the very best bed on the market? In the age of innovation and technology which revolutionizes your work and play, it’s not so crazy to think that similar advances are just waiting to give you the best rest that the twenty-first century has to offer. An adjustable bed delivers that state-of-the-art individual comfort to give you a better night’s sleep, and all of the support you need to rejuvenate your body and conquer your day. Here, you’ll see how an adjustable bed will give you the boost that you deserve.

Comfort Transformed

You adjust the seat in your car, the height of your desk chair, the tilt of your favorite recliner, and more. It’s time to demand that out of your bed. Instead of propping up pillows, your adjustable bed will move to create the perfect setup for reading, watching TV, and working in bed. When the long day has taken its toll on your joints, you can raise your legs to feel the instant relief that is only the beginning of a restorative night of rest. Your adjustable mattress will work for you to relieve the stress on your frame as soon as you lie down, so you wake up fresh to face a brand new day.

enjoy the versatilily of an adjustable power baseRelationship Strains Put to Rest

No two bodies are the same, and there isn’t a number of years that will create an exact match for the qualities you and your partner need out of a mattress. Don’t split the difference in your needs, only to end up in a dissatisfying middle ground (or worse, in separate beds). A split bed alleviates this universal relationship tension. Each of you deserve to get exactly what you need for the perfect night’s sleep, and with a split bed you can! Adjust both sides of the bed independently for individually optimized nighttime perfection. Not only will you both have exactly the mattress you want, but other sleep disruptions such as snoring, sleep apnea and the tossing and turning of your partner will become issues of the past when you have a bed that cradles and adjusts to your body’s unique shape.

Healthly sleep thanks to an adjustable bedHealth and Restoration Evolved

It’s no secret that the world is demanding more and more out of each individual, and sometimes it seems impossible to keep up. Modern life makes it more important than ever to have a bed that has been designed to provide a relaxing and restful night sleep. Your adjustable bed will reduce the stress on your joints, alleviate back pain and improve your skeletal alignment to enhance physical healing. Your new rest will be more rejuvenating than ever before, to keep your mind firing on all cylinders. As you age and encounter new aches and pains, you will be able to adjust your bed to accommodate every new need. Don’t spend another night on that tired old frame and mattress. It’s time for an adjustable bed that helps you keep up with your life! Try us risk free by taking our 100-night rest test. After 30 days beds can be returned or exchanged at no cost to you.

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