The Proper Sleep Position to Get the Best Rest

The Proper Sleep Position to Get the Best Rest
best sleep position for your jointsThe symphony of crackling joints in the morning is almost as universal as the beacon-like capabilities of the aroma of fresh coffee. With the proper sleep position, you can do away with the hunched back and tilted neck allowing you to finally walk upright to the coffee pot to get your morning off to the strong start you deserve. Find out the best sleep position for the most common sleep situations!

Put Back Pain Behind You

It shouldn’t come as a shock that the most commoBest position for side sleepern queries about sleep, seek the best sleep position for lower back pain (followed closely by middle- and upper- back pain). If you’re in that majority, sleeping on your back is best, especially with a pillow under your knees. Try to think about standing up straight and without tension, and then emulate that when you lie down. Dedicated side-sleepers can relieve back pain too. Extra attention to detail is required to provide your skeleton the support and alignment it needs. Try sleeping with a pillow between your knees (it’s an absolute game-changer for lower back pain in particular). If there is a gap between your waist and the mattress, keep that spine in line with a small pillow or rolled-up towel.

Prevent nexk pain with the proper pillowThe Neck Pain Fix- Keep Aligning

To alleviate neck pain, make sure that you are following the tips from above to help the rest of your spine, then be very picky about your pillow. Use a pillow that conforms (like a memory foam pillow) so that the pillow is higher under your neck than under your head, preventing the neck from flexing all night. For those back sleepers, it is essential to use a flat or flexible pillow which helps cradle and contour to your neck and head for added relief. A memory foam pillow like our Align Contour Pillow provides amazing support for your neck and spine making it ideal for back and side sleepers alike. Make sure to replace worn pillows (some experts recommend new pillows once a year) and listen to your spine. When you lay down, make sure your neck and spine feel aligned and your muscles feel relaxed, like when you are standing up with great posture.

The Best Sleep Position for Digestion

The best way to improve digestion is to avoid eating too late, but late night snacks do not have to spell certain failure. Sleeping on your stomach or left side helps to avoid heartburn and cramps which would otherwise take away from your wonderful night’s sleep. Adding an adjustable bed base can give you additional comfort when sleeping and suffering from digestive issues. By elevating your head while you sleep your body is able to keep stomach acid from refluxing allowing you to sleep more soundly and wake up refreshed.

Best sleep positon during pregnacySleeping for Two

Correct spinal alignment is key to the proper sleep position during pregnancy. Expectant mothers should sleep on their left side to optimize the heart’s ability to pump blood and nutrients throughout the body and to the baby. To aid organs that are being taxed, prop your upper body with pillows when you sleep. This will reduce issues like heartburn and shortness of breath. Sleeping with a pillow between your knees is also a great fix for your lower back pain, which can be common during pregnancy. Read more about how an air mattress can improve sleep while you’re pregnant, here. No matter your situation or chief complaint, start by aligning your spine to find your proper sleep position.

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