Just in Time for the Holidays – Gifts to Help You Get Your Snooze On

Sleep is a hot topic these days. Whether you’re reading about it, watching a special about the need for it, or just wishing that you could get more of it, it seems like everybody is talking about sleep, so it’s no wonder that there are so many great sleep-related gift options available this year. If you are looking for a gift that will not only be appreciated, but which will also make a significant difference in the health and wellbeing of its recipient, you can’t go wrong with any of the choices you find below. 1. The “I Have A Dream” Set From ThisWorks.com For those who have a need for a surefire way to bring on the relaxation before bedtime, ThisWorks.com has assembled a collection of creams, oils, pillow sprays and even an aromatherapy candle redolent of lavender, chamomile and vetivert. All of these herbals have been shown to have the power to relax and bring on a deep sleep more quickly, and sleep experts say that the simple act of applying scents or creams before you go to bed each night help to trigger the brain and let it know that it’s time to start winding down. Even if they don’t work, your bedroom will smell great. 2. Tata Harper Aromatic Treatments Tata Harper is a skincare line based on a family farm in Vermont. They produce organic products that they use in their proprietary formulas, and these include an assortment of aromatherapy bedtime treatments designed to quiet the mind and help you fall into a deep and restful sleep. The bedtime treatment is infused with a variety of natural scents, including clary sage, mandarin, melissa, lavender and chamomile. 3. Kate Spade New York Eyelash Mask and Slippers There is significant evidence that too much light in your bedroom can interrupt and diminish the quality of your sleep, and many sleep specialists recommend using a sleep mask. Kate Spade New York has responded with the “dream a little dream” eyelash mask and matching slippers to make wearing an eyemask more fun and glamorous. Made of satin and decorated with a pair of luscious-looking lashes, they do the trick but let you maintain your sense of style and fun. 4. Sharper Image Sound Soother White Noise Machine [caption id="attachment_752" align="alignright" width="300"]Sharper image's white noise machine provides soothing sounds to help you sleep Sharper image's white noise machine provides soothing sounds to help you sleep[/caption] White noise machines can both block noises that you don’t want to hear and provide you with soothing sounds that will lull you to sleep, and Sharper Image’s device provides you with the option of twenty different sounds, ranging from nature sounds like the ocean and rain to electronic beeps and ticks. The device is also an alarm clock and radio, allowing you to get all of the functionality that you need in one, simple piece that sits on your nightstand. 5. Sleep Tracking Wristbands With so many different sleep monitors available on the market today, and each offering a wide range of prices and capabilities, it is hard to say which will be the best for your gift-giving needs. Take the time to research all of the features to choose one that is accurate and provides valuable feedback. Some of the top items are the FitBit, which includes a silent alarm and will also track your calorie intake and daytime activity, the Jawbone UP, and the Lark. 6. Temperature Control Items Sleep researchers say that your room should be neither too hot nor too cold when it’s time to go to sleep. You want to be comfortable without being too warm, as when your body readies itself to go to sleep it goes through a natural cool down period that actually lowers your core body temperature – think of it as a sort of mini-hibernation process that happens inside of us each and every night. If you are looking for a gift for someone having a tough time finding a way to make their room the temperature that they find most comfortable, there are a number of temperature control items that can help. Take a look at the ChillPad, a water-infused mattress pad that has split controls so each partner can determine their own perfect temperature. Also, the Chillow is a mat that lies over your pillow so that you never have to flip the pillow again to find the cool side. 7. Comfortable Pajamas Pajamas have always been a great gift for the holidays, but new research shows that there are real scientific reasons for making sure that we’re wearing the most comfortable PJs possible in order to make sure that we get a good night’s sleep. The more comfortable you are, the better you’ll sleep, and just putting on a pair of pajamas can signal your brain that it’s time to turn down the volume and get ready for a solid eight hours of sleep. Look for fabrics that are soft and comfortable without being overly warm. 8. A Great Set of Sheets A great set of sheets or blankets is a gift that people rarely buy for themselves and can go a long way towards helping get a better night’s sleep. Experts advise against going for the super-high thread count variety, as they say that once you get above 400-count you’re probably looking at blends rather than true luxury sheets. Egyptian cotton sheets in a 400-thread count will provide a cool and comfortable night’s sleep. 9. A New Mattress If you have the money and you’re looking for a really great gift, consider treating that special someone to a brand new mattress. Most people keep their mattresses far beyond their useful life, and this can not only lead to a poor night’s sleep but can also contribute to aches and pains. Mattresses should not be kept for more than eight or ten years, as they ten to stop providing the support that is needed.  

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