Find the Best Air Bed by Asking the Best Questions

When you shop for big items, you want to get the most out of your investments. Your bed is the most essential piece furniture you own and impacts your health, relationship, and happiness, so it should be not only one of the best air bed investments you make but one of the best purchases you make period. You will be happier and healthier for making careful considerations to purchase the best air bed as well as save a lot of money on the purchase and even down the road in repair costs (or even replacement). Instead of letting a salesperson hypnotize you with brand names, you can be an expert when shopping for your adjustable bed. Here are the most important factors: woman lying on her side on the best air bed showing air mattress adjustments

Comfort is Key

Of course, the key to the best air mattress is going to be comfort. You need to sleep happy. To really get the most out of an air bed, look for an air bed with many chambers for maximum customization. You should also keep an eye on adjustment increments. Smaller increments mean you’ll be able to find the sweet spot for each chamber instead of settling for slightly too firm or slightly too soft. Night Air Beds adjust at increments of one allowing for the most customizable comfort. Pay attention to the material used. Rubber alternatives like TPU (Thermal Poly Urethane) are more flexible, and comfort foam should have a density that feels very consistent. woman putting cover for the best air bed into washing machine

Easy Upkeep

You don’t want to cut into your rest time by going out of your way to take care of your bed. The best air beds have machine-washable covers made with anti-microbial silks to prevent dust mites, germs, and smells. On that note, smell the mattress in the store. Does it smell like rubber and latex? Those smells might linger and make the bedroom smell like a bounce house indefinitely. Finally, assess the durability of the air bed- you don’t want to spend time figuring out replacement parts or leak repairs. Night Air beds are made from a high-strength TPU which is more durable and flexible than rubber and doesn’t suffer from the lingering odor left by other materials image of the best air beds dark and light blue foam support tray

Is it Made of the Right Stuff?

This is an air bed for everyday use, so you need to make sure that it is sturdy, and that no corners were cut in manufacturing. Look for the seam count of the air mattress. Fewer seams mean fewer potential leaks. Another reliable way to safeguard against leaks is by finding seams that are molecularly bonded rather than glued (usually with latex, which causes allergy issues to some). The material around the air cores should be better than rubber, which can be rigid and easily damaged. Newer materials like TPU (thermo polyurethane) are more flexible and more durable. When you find the ideal air bed, it will be with you for a long time. After testing the consistency of the comfort foam, ask about the foam support tray. Does it seem like one cohesive unit? Many companies cut production costs by slinging the foam support rails together with fabric, which stretches and leads the air cores to dislocate. The high-quality air beds, like Night Air bed, have foam support trays that are all connected to the support base so you won’t have to deal with any distortion.

Rest Easy Knowing You Helped the Planet

Many comfort foams are made with harmful chemicals which release toxins into the atmosphere. Night Air Beds’ foam is CertiPUR certified and utilizes technology available to create better comfort foam in a vacuum sealed chamber. This allows Night Air Bed to control the foams property through pressure rather than chemicals.

You Need to Be Sure

Six to eight hours is a long time to spend on a piece of furniture, so you should be entirely confident you get the best air bed for you. Luckily, Night Air Beds offers a 100-day trial and free shipping for their air beds. There is also no cost to return the bed during the 100-day trial. Check out our full line of 6-chamber and 2-chamber air beds and start sleeping better tonight.