Sleep Number Alternatives Are Evolving- Here’s the Latest!

Sleep Number alternatives Split King air mattress and adjustable bed baseWe’ve all chuckled at the commercials for beds like Sleep Number and Sleep Number alternatives - blissfully pressing buttons on a remote to adjust the air mattress- and we’ve all been at least a little curious to try it. When we go shopping for our new adjustable bed, it’s nice to recognize brand names, but don’t be wooed by advertising. Demand quality. Night Air Beds brings the highest quality and innovations to the air bed market. Air beds are full of advancements and innovation, but most brands settle for outdated production and tired engineering. Here’s where our air beds set a new standard compared to other Sleep Number alternatives: Boyd Night Air adjustable air bed hand controls for personalized comfort and lower back support

Cutting-Edge Comfort

Night Air Beds have an adjustment range of 1-100, with increments of 1. Other brands have similar ranges but use 5-unit hops, so you won’t find the perfect number for your sleep. They make you settle for “pretty close,” which compounds to a big compromise when you factor in how much time you spend in your bed. We’ve doubled the number of air chambers compared to our competitors, so you can adjust your head, feet, and, most excitingly, lumbar support. On top of increased comfort, this new customizability makes ours the very best air bed for back pain by far. All of our air chambers replace the industry standard of rubber with TPU (thermo polyurethane), which is more flexible so it won’t feel like a river raft. The comfort foam on our beds has been completely re-engineered. It boasts more consistent density, and the support trays are bonded to be one sturdy unit, so the foam and air chambers are never displaced or distorted.

Better Build Compared to Other Sleep Number Alternatives

With half the seams of most other air beds like Sleep Number and Sleep Number alternatives that are on the market, the leak potential for the air chambers shrinks drastically. We even replaced latex glue with molecular bonding mechanisms to close the seams for extra security. Our TPU (thermo polyeurethane) is more flexible and durable than rubber, so it gives more comfort and a longer lifespan. Plus, TPU won’t carry that lingering rubber smell. The comfort foam is created in a vacuum-sealed chamber with completely controlled conditions, so it’s less susceptible to wear from environmental factors. Plus, the foam is covered by antimicrobial silk to prevent dust mites, germs, and smells. The standard practice to arrange foam support trays is to sling opposite side rails together with fabric below the support base. This fabric inevitably stretches and the side supports move, and so begins the displacement of the rest of the comfort foam and the air chambers, leaving uncomfortable gaps throughout the mattress. We bond the side rails to the foam support base so that the tray won’t be distorted, and everything stays exactly where it should be.

Easy Maintenance

Woman putting air mattress cover into washing machine Besides ensuring that the strong build means fewer repairs, we redefined the components of maintenance for air beds. We’ve redesigned the usual air bed cover to be removable and machine-washable. You don’t have to try to wipe down a non-removable cover or visit the drycleaners to have a fresh, clean bed, especially with the antimicrobial silk on the comfort foam. When you get your new Night Air Bed, you’ll notice that we’ve made the left and right air chambers of each level interchangeable, so you won’t waste time starting from scratch if you get them mixed up. We’ve made a simple but long-overdue addition to the air pump- a transformer. The current for the pump is reduced down to 10 volts (you wouldn’t feel the shock if this circuit were to become exposed), and you don’t have to have a particular type of outlet to use the air pump. You’ll be able to get started right away, without a trip to the hardware store.

Better Business

We put our customers first unlike Sleep Number and other Sleep Number alternatives, with our revolutionized air beds. You’ll get a 100-day free trial for your air bed and free shipping so you know that this the very best bed for you. Our comfort foam technology has earned us a CertiPUR certification. Our vacuum-sealed conditions don’t use harmful chemicals, where the chemical-based creation process of comfort foam for beds like Sleep Number releases toxins into the atmosphere. We don’t settle with any piece of our beds. We keep revolutionizing to make the very best air bed on the market. Beds like Sleep Number changed the game for finding the best sleep, but we’ve pushed past catchy advertising and a reliance on brand name recognition over quality. Visit our store to receive free shipping and start your 100-day trial for the best bed you will ever own.