Sleep Number Downsizes its Price

Early in the year 2014, at an event known as CES 2014, Sleep Number made a big splash by rolling out its latest product: smart beds. Combining the best of their original design with the newest technology that is being used in a number of sleep monitoring applications and devices, the beds had built-in sensors that would provide the consumer with feedback about their vitals, the temperature in the room, the amount of movement that was being registered in the bed over the course of an evening, all with an eye to providing valuable information about the quality of sleep that was being experienced and what kind of improvements might be made. Unfortunately, the technology was accompanied by a hefty price tag, with the X12 model coming in at $6,000. Understandably, a lot of consumers that may have been interested in the bells and whistles were turned off by the price. Now Sleep Number has announced that they are producing a more basic level of the X12 technology that will have a price of just $1,000. Although that is still a relatively high number for a mattress, it is well within the realm of what high quality mattresses are selling for in the United States, and considering the technology that the mattress offers, it may prove to be appealing for consumers who are growing increasingly concerned about getting the rest that they need, as well as the biophysical feedback that is becoming more and more popular. [caption id="attachment_498" align="alignleft" width="300"]Boyd Night Air offers quality mattresses at a fraction of the price. Boyd Night Air offers quality mattresses at a fraction of the price.[/caption] The $1,000 Sleep Number bed will be equipped with the same Sleep IQ software that comes in the more expensive versions of the mattress. There will be sensors built into the mattress that will register motion, respiration, heart rate and more. The monitoring is so constant that it has been timed at approximately 500 times per second, providing extremely accurate data. The information will be sent via Bluetooth to smartphones, tablets, or computers. The Sleep Number bed also offers the same long-standing benefits that the brand has earned its reputation on, including the ability to provide different levels of sleep comfort and customization for both partners sleeping on the bed. In fact, the data that is being monitored and recorded by the bed each night will also be able to be recorded for each sleep mate. The software program will allow further input of such variables as caffeine intake, exercise, meals, etc., so that users will be able to determine whether specific behaviors or activities have an impact on the quality of their sleep each night. Though the drop to $1,000 does represent a significant decrease, it may still register too high for many consumers. If this is the case for you, you may be interested in some of the apps that are available for smart phone, which will monitor many of the same metrics that the Sleep Number bed does, but without the precision. By the same token, not having to think about that price tag may help you sleep more soundly.