Over the Counter and Natural Sleeping Remedies

The need for sleep – and the frustration over not being able to get it – have been with us for a long time… probably back to...
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Women, Menopause and Sleep

Women generally suffer from insomnia more frequently then men do, and at no time is this more true than during menopause and the period immediately preceding menopause,...
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Sleep and Age

As we age, the amount of sleep that we need and the amount that we get changes a great deal. Newborns require far more sleep each day...
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Anxiety and Lack of Sleep

We all know the feeling of not being able to get to sleep because we’re worked up or nervous about something that is going on in our...
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Depression and Sleep

Insomnia that lasts for an extended period is the symptom of another, more serious problem, and in many cases, problems getting to sleep, staying asleep, or sleeping...
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What’s Your Mood Before Bedtime?

Some people are able to look at the clock (or listen to their internal clock), know that it’s time for bed, move themselves through their nighttime rituals...
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